Blogs I Love

These are some blogs that I read and think they’re pretty awesome. Hope you like ’em as much as I do. I add more as I find them.

Adventure Travel
Adventurous Kate -Kate’s blog is both adventure based and she focuses a lot on female travel. She’s fantastic.

Female Travel
Her Packing List -Perfect for any female who is leaving on a trip and has NO idea what to bring. Super helpful.

Travel Photography Blogs
Travel. Experience. Live. -Bram’s photography is astounding and his way of storytelling can’t be missed.
Toemail -Quillan and Angela accept pictures of your feet all over the world. Great for seeing stories from abroad and really interesting pictures.
What An Amazing World!– Bama travels all over the world with his handy camera and catches phenomenal shots. Check out his travels in Southeast Asia.

Travel Advice/Travel Tip Blogs
My Professional Blog– In addition to this blog, I write for a company that specializes in travel. Check it out.

Cheap Flights, Cheap Vacations
Payless Flights– They offer consolidated airfare and negotiated fares. Great for those looking to save a few bucks.

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