Monthly Archives: September 2016


It has been quite some time since I have updated you on the going-on’s of my travel life. Since we last spoke, I have lived in Raymond, Maine teaching ceramics and pottery to children at Kingsley Pines Summer Camp. That place has honestly become my second home and thinking about it, I am calmly reminded of the smell of pine and a gentle summer breeze.

I then went on to Argyle, Texas where I worked at a camp for adults who have special needs and it was not only the hardest and most taxing job I’ve ever had, but it was the single most rewarding thing I have ever done. Every day I was reminded of how truly blessed I am to have working limbs as well as how fortunate I was to be in the company of such beautiful, wondrous and creative souls. There I met Ali, a 27 year old woman who changed my life more than I could ever put into words.


img_2397She changed my perspective on the world, she brought such an innocent and glowing joy to my life and I don’t know that I can imagine my life without her in it from here on out. Her smile makes the world turn and her laugh makes my heart soar. With every morning, she would wake up a remind me that the only way to show the world true happiness is by sharing it.



After leaving Texas, I moved to Estes Park, Colorado and I found serenity. I sat at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and I was reminded of my mortality. I was reminded at this universe’s ability to create raw, jagged beauty that goes unmatched.


I hiked, I climbed and I found myself. I found the person that I wanted to become and I found the world to be a better, calmer place at the top of those peaks.


I am currently in South Lake Tahoe, California working at a conference center and I have to say, it’s one of the most stunning places I have ever been.

The conference center backs up to what we call Cathedral, it’s this massively daunting and jagged mountain that screams at your soul to be conquered. It also is surrounded by the bluest waters I have ever seen. From 50, 75, even 100 feet, you’re able to see the outlines of rocks and tree trunks that have fallen through the years at the bottom, just lazily swaying.

I will be here until November, where, from there I will be traveling to Japan, Bali and Java for a month. I was fortunate to meet a beautiful, wonderful friend in Colorado who shares in my love of travel, lust for adventure and absolute impracticality when it comes to rational decisions regarding buying plane tickets.

Our plan is to travel to Tokyo, roam around Japan for a week or two then lazily make our way through Bali and Java. I’m excited to be shocked, to be immersed and to hike through rice fields and volcanoes. It’s exactly what I need.

I’ve realized over time that travel cures our souls. It takes all the hurt, it takes the unwanted and it makes them incoherent. It makes every person feel; it makes their senses heighten, and it puts you in an entirely new frame of mind. It allows you to become the person you actually want to be and it heals old wounds that you may have never even knew existed. It’s exhilarating and exhausting and essential to keep the true nature of our being.