Spain or South Korea?

Throughout my life I’ve found that I make definitive decisions when it comes to travel. I see a photo of a place, or read a blog that talks about a new destination, or I’m browsing through Momondo or Skyscanner and it hits me. That’s where I want to go, that’s what I want to do. I book the flight and don’t think twice about it.

But over the past few weeks I’ve been deciding on what’s next, what the next stage of my life will consist of. Which, to be honest, is terrifying. I feel like I’m putting all this extra pressure on myself to do something that others are expecting me to do (i.e; settle down in Florida with a nice, consistent teaching job) but to be frank, that makes my stomach turn.

So, I’ve been toying with the idea of moving and teaching abroad. Where? Not sure. When? Not sure of that either. I graduate from my program in the Spring of 2020 and I think the Fall of 2020 would be a perfect time. But again, not totally sure. I’ve been starting the application process for CIEE’s teach abroad program in both South Korea and in Spain and I think my heart is leaning towards Spain.

While there’s pros and cons to both programs, to both opportunities, Madrid would allow me to travel more, make less, but live in city center. Whereas in South Korea, I would work more and make more but I wouldn’t have as much time to travel.

In the end, I’ll probably apply to both and flip a coin. Because, why not?

city spain dense
Photo by Adrianna Calvo on
adult architecture bar buildings
Photo by Pixabay on

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