My New Job And New Dream Destination

Say hello to Stephanee, the Travel Representative/Marketing Director.

Fitting, right? 🙂

I very recently started at a travel agency that focuses primarily on international flights and I absolutely love it. Not only is it my perfect environment (I talk about travel all day, very day) but its an environment that encourages travel. A lot of agencies, unfortunately, are tied to their desk and only get to live vicariously through their clients.

As I’ve gotten to know the company more and as I’m working everyday, I’m starting to dream of new places that I want to go to. I get requests from people looking to go anywhere from Tehran, Iran to Bali, Indonesia. It’s thrilling and always keeps you on your toes but it mostly makes me want to go with them. Norway Fjords Waterfall

The new destination that’s on my mind is definitely the Norway Fjords. I’ve been seeing pictures and it’s absolutely breathtaking. It’s rocks forcing their way out of the sea and standing proud in all of their glory. There’s waterfalls that fall heavily into the surrounding sea and trees clinging to the edge as though they’re deciding on whether to jump.

I’m hooked.

But, if you’re looking for a place to go and want a good deal, call me!


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