What To Pack: Belize Edition

As my trip to Belize draws closer and closer (31 days!) I begin mentally packing. I do this with all of my trips, I begin a month out, mapping and planning what I could ever possibly need and start shopping for random items.

Since I went last year and the itinerary is almost the same,  I have a general idea of what I should be packing.

We’ll land in Belize City and head straight to Orange Walk to see the Lamanai ruins of the north. I’ve never been there so I’m excited to see what it entails. From the pictures I’ve mercilessly googled it looks beautiful.

From Orange Walk we will meander to San Ignacio and stay there for 6 nights. I really love the area of San Ignacio and can’t wait to go back. The time I spent here last year was life changing for me. I stayed with a local family and got slapped in the face with reality of how a majority of our earth makes it day by day and how little they need to be so incredibly happy. I’m envious and I’m striving everyday to be more like them. The “things” in life that we seem to need are so unnecessary.

From San Ignacio we will trek to Hopkins, a small beach community that was closed to tourists until just recently due to the malaria threat (No worries, it’s been decades since their last outbreak). The laid back atmosphere draws me in and the Garifuna people are eclectic and eccentric, just how I like it. 🙂

From Hopkins, our final stop will be Caye Caulker, a small island next to San Pedro.

The Cayes in Belize all have different personalities. San Pedro is the main island and can sometimes be over run by tourists, Ambergris Caye is beautiful but the hotels can be very pricey, leading to a more affluent clientel. Caye Caulker is home to students and budget travelers, just my cup of tea.

Caye Caulker is less than a mile long island lined with small shops and restaurants that give you a glimpse of it’s diverse population and history. The bars are a-plenty and all have a daily happy hour that runs from 4-7pm. I stayed at Tropical Paradise which is on the south end of the island; the rooms are just enough but be sure to ask for air conditioning.

With all that being said, the packing list will need to fit a smaller luggage (I’ll have to carry it from place to place to place) and a carry-on bag. I’m notorious for bringing a backpack as my carry on, it’s versatile and so useful once in country.

My backpack is a California Pak which was around $40. I love it because it’s super useful and there are a TON of pockets.


My luggage is a standard Samsonite. I like it because it’s literally the perfect size. I’ve taken it with me when I’ve been gone for a month and I’ve taken it with me when I’ve been gone for a short 5 days. Get it here.

My carry-on will include;

  • GoPro HERO3: Black Edition
    with skeleton and waterproof casing
  • My Mac (to upload videos)
  • Money Belt
  • Wallet with Belizian Dollars and USD (both are accepted)
  • Passport with additional copy in seperate pocket
  • Phone (for use as an alarm clock) with charger
  • 1 book (for the couple hours of down time we’ll have)
  • Journal with pen and pencil (the humidity causes the pen to malfunction sometimes)
  • Debit Card
  • Sunglasses, Air Pressure Reducing Earplugs
  • 1 Extra Pair of Clothes
  • Swimsuit

In my checked luggage I will have;

  • 4 pairs of shorts
  • 6 tank tops
  • 1 long sleeve shirt (for night hikes)
  • Buff (So no bugs get in your orifices while sleeping…)
  • 1 sundress
  • 2 hats
  • 12 pairs of underwear, 10 pairs of socks and 6 sports bras
  • Extra Swimsuit (or 2)
  • SUNSCREEN (SPF 45 or above)
  • Ben’s Bug Wipes
  • Hiking Boots, Sneakers, Flip Flops, Water shoes
  • Headlamp, Snorkel Gear, Flashlight
  • Shampoo/Conditioner, Quick-drying Towel, Toiletries
  • Snacks
  • Ziploc Bags (all sizes)

Here is a video of how it all comes together!

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