Big Dreams on a Little Ticket

Tonight I bought my Powerball ticket, well, I bought five actually.

Everyone has their own pipe dream of what they would do with untold millions if it were to fall into their lap. My parents would build a lakehouse and give it away generously to family, my sister would give a lot of it to charity and build herself a house.

Personally, I would jump on the next available flight out of here and just go. Literally.

No second thoughts; I would pack my camera, my passport, some deodorant, a couple changes of clothes and hope for the best. My friends and I were talking last night and we were all in agreement. If any one of us were to win the big jackpot, we would pick a place on a map, buy everyone’s tickets out there and be travel buddies until the money ran out. If it ever ran out.

Could you imagine?

The things you would get to see, the places and faces you would experience, it puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.

Well, to everyone else who is playing the lottery tonight; with all due respect, I hope you lose.

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